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10 ways to a flatter tummy
10 ways to a flatter tummy

Tackle your stress levels If you’re an apple shape, rather than a pear, gathering weight on your middle instead of your bottom, you may already know this can increase your risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke and high blood pressure. But your pot belly may actually be a reaction to stress. ...( Read More )

Break bad beauty habits: skin
Break bad beauty habits: skin

DO: Sleep on your back If you’re used to sleeping on your front or side, it may take time to re-train yourself, but it’s worth persevering. Sleeping on your back will help prevent fluid build-up around the eyes, so if you want to wave goodbye to puffy peepers, start getting used ...( Read More )

Anti-aging beauty: lustrous hair
Anti-aging beauty: lustrous hair

Trevor Sorbie, skincare expert: If your locks have lost their lustre, here are his top tips... ● Have your hair trimmed regularly, as healthy hair equals younger looks. Subtle layers that softly frame the face can take years off. Opt for an appropriate length to suit the texture of your hair. ...( Read More )


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